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Recruitment Advisory Services

Always remember, that the heart of any organization is shaped by the quality of the people who work in it. To build this foundation, you need a strong talent acquisition strategy to help you bring on a more engaged, diverse, productive and retained workforce. RAD Potential Advisory has a team of experienced talent professionals who have worked with some the largest organizations in North America. When it comes to establishing an effective talent strategy this is where we can guide your organization on recruitment best practices to attract, select and onboard more quality hires.


Let's recruit better together! 

Practice Areas

Recruitment Process Discovery

  • Initial discovery

  • Hiring insights review survey

  • Consultation of survey results

  • Identifying your hiring maturity

  • Targeted recommendations for next steps

Effective Job Postings

  • Audit of current job postings

  • Guidelines for building effective job posting content

  • Creating video job postings

  • Diversity, inclusive job postings

  • Creating an employee spotlight to attract talent

  • Job posting strategy for diversity

Assessing Candidates

  • Why use pre-employment assessment

  • Choosing the right assessment

  • Benchmarking assessments 

  • Assessment validation & analytics

  • Reporting and data insights to business outcomes

Proper Onboarding

  • Clear logistics to onboarding

  • Day one culture orientation

  • Week one awareness

  • Month one, deepen culture & development

  • High performance identification

  • Targeted development onboarding surveys

  • Advocacy & retention

Recruitment Marketing Strategy

  • Recruitment marketing audit

  • Developing an employee value proposition (EVP)

  • Developing the ideal hiring persona

  • Understanding digital marketing

  • Recruitment marketing tactics


  • Benefits of using an ATS

  • Filter large volumes of candidates

  • Modern screening technology

  • Video interviewing

  • Decline management

Effective Candidate Interviewing

  • Identify critical skills and behaviours

  • Develop interview questions

  • Approach to interviewing candidates effectively

  • Learning how to properly debrief and evaluate a candidate pool

  • Decline management approach

Reporting & Insights

  • Operational recruiting updates (weekly & monthly, annually)

  • Talent dashboard for hiring metrics (e.g., ROI, hiring quality, diversity)

  • Data from 3rd party sources review

What Our Clients Say

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Austin Film Festival

RAD's processes and strategies helped us retool our overall hiring practices. With great enthusiasm, they helped us rebuild and reshape, from the ground up, our internal philosophy on staffing at all levels, from interns to executive staff...."

Meet The Advisory Team

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Corey Shaw

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Talent Acquisition Strategist and owner of North Star Talent.


James Cooper

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Marketing Strategist and owner of Own Digital Ltd., Recruitment Marketing Partners, and Convoboss.


Tamara ElSahyouni

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Talent Acquisition Strategists and owner of Talent Engagement.

warren 2_edited.jpg

Warren Collier

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Human Resources Strategist and owner of Trinity Human Resources.


Pesce & Associates

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Human Resources Consultancy Firm.

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