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Blockchain Recruiting: Unleashing The Power of Truth

Cyber-security and privacy are some of the most talked about topics in the space of recruiting technology when it comes to using 3rd party vendor solutions. HR-tech solution providers are constantly being tested and questioned about the level of security and candidate privacy – and so they should be!

The latest hot topic in HR-tech is surrounding a candidate's verified information when it comes to background checks, credentialing and the truth of a person's resume. Of course, looking at a resume and verifying a person's credentials is not something new in hiring, but how can it be done faster, more securely, and in a verified way that will at the same time maintain a person’s privacy? This is where blockchain comes in.

How Blockchain Works For Verifying Credentials

A new platform introduced in 2020, called Workwolf, is one of the first professional blockchain credentialing companies where candidate's owns their own data. Candidates will be able to leverage their very own pre-verified work passport to make it easier and faster for employers to verify and hire them. Essentially, think of it like NEXUS and TSA-pre-check at customs where a candidate can get to the front of the line with any institution, company, and organization that needs verified information pertaining to their background and resume. Picture it like "Resume 3.0", but not self-proclaimed like a person's LinkedIn profile or resume. This is where Workwolf wants to change all of this!

Workwolf's platform was developed on blockchain technology (i.e., in layman's terms, this is a secure immutable ledger) that is decentralized where the candidate owns their own data and decides who and when they would like to release this information to employers. Ultimately, the candidate controls their own personal information (which is the way it is supposed to be). This is a game-changer from the traditional methods of background checks and verifying credentials for a job. What this new technology does is gives candidates the power to carry their personal information with them anywhere, and you as the candidate has the power to release it to whom you want and when you want. Furthermore, it verifies the truth to which you can't tamper with and nor can anyone else.

Free Career Assessments

Workwolf's platform has also joined forces with a Global psychometric company Self Management Group where they have integrated a Free Career Assessment to help candidates learn more about their personality to match themselves to over 60 jobs. This free career assessment enables candidates to align themselves with careers that match their natural disposition. It is also something they can share with employers so they showcase these strengths. When a candidate grants access to their career assessment to employers then the employer can convert these results into a role specific evaluations called the POP assessment (Predictor of Potential) to dig a little deeper to learn more about the candidate. These POP assessments have been benchmarked to on the job performance and retention using a global database of 30 million people who have previously taken the assessment in over 3500 companies. The POP assessment also provide interview questions and coaching tips. This new platform improves the candidate experience by opening candidates up to more career opportunities while at the same time helping employers hire top quality people and increase the speed of hire.

The Power Of Truth

Workwolf's platform is a win for candidates to discover what they were born to do and get to own their own personal information that employers collect. For employers the platform verifies the truth in the hiring process with eliminating self proclaimed resumes and adding more science to improving company performance and retention. This platform improves the hiring experience for everyone and shortens up the hiring process.

Lookout 'resume' because here comes Workwolf to lead the pack with verified candidate details. Everyone is always seeking a better way to verify candidate information when it comes to hiring, and Workwolf's platform will unleash the power of truth.


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