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Understanding Corporate Potential & The Capacity for Change

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

According to Gartner Inc., in a 2018 employee survey, that over 80% of employees going through an organizational transformation experience had higher levels of cultural tensions due to competing priorities that they do not know how to balance. Therefore, when you are redeploying employees and reorganizing your workforce it is important to be able to assess an individual and corporate capacity frequently. Especially during times of stress, it is important to efficiently maximize your resources, but also ensure that they are well supported to reduce vulnerabilities of your teams.

How To Measure Potential

When rightsizing your operation, it is vital to examine the current potential & capacity of your talent and how it will align with the reorganization strategy. Therefore, an analysis of your teams are an important measure used to get a baseline of your current situation to help identify the employees’ potential bench-strength & capacity.

To determine your bench-strength, many organizations divert to the use of psychometric assessments (i.e., personality assessments) which assess the inherent capability and capacity of your existing employees. It is key to stress that when making decisions on rightsizing operations that past performance does not necessarily predict future performance especially when a change occurs. For these reasons, it is imperative that you have a baseline of your existing culture through an analysis of your current talent to better align the right potential and capacity to develop into the other roles.

Specifically, a talent analysis can be conducted to add value to organizations by:

1) Providing a statistical analysis of the attributes and characteristics of a group of individuals.

2) Helping identify the characteristics of people who are at different levels of potential.

3) Providing a prescriptive analysis of the key strengths and synergies to build stronger teams.

These provide a reference point to help in making strategic decisions on who might best align with the corporate vision to reorganize the culture. RAD Potential has carried out hundreds of team building sessions and found that increased engagement within teams is directly correlated in being able to identify synergies within the organization, and how they can be deployed appropriately to maximize team performance.

Final Thoughts

When redeploying current employees, it is essential to quickly identify situations where individuals or team’s devitalization may put a corporate initiative at risk; and then, to collaborate in framing and implementing the best strategic solution. When redeploying teams or work you must have a plan in place to ensure that the right people are deployed and that this does not erode productivity, but also mitigate the stress with strategic initiatives.

RAD Potential Advisory helps organizations attract and select quality hires. We will remove any frustration you ever had about hiring, to become a believer that quality hiring is the magic ingredient as to why your company is thriving. Contact us and let’s recruit better together.

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