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Pre-Hire Assessments: Choosing The Right One!

Choosing the right pre-hire assessment is never an easy task as many providers claim the same things on what their tool can do for you. Below are a couple tips you can use when deciding which provider will give you the best value when choosing a pre-hire assessment or your can watch our short video to learn more.

First thing a good pre-hire assessment will do are two things:

  1. Help you predict on-the-job performance.

  2. Help contribute to improving employee retention.

If the pre-hire assessment has no proof of being to provide an return on investment in these two areas then I would shy away from those providers.

The next thing you need to explore is how does the pre-hire assessment help in improving employee performance and retention. A good pre-hire assessment should be benchmarked to the role you are looking to hire for. Unfortunately, many pre-hire assessments will claim they can benchmark generically to any position within a company. What you need to ask the assessment provider is will the assessment be able to be specifically benchmarked to our unique population of top performers in the role?

In order to do this, your assessment provider will ask you to assess a group of your top and bottom performers using the assessment to see what key characteristics differentiate. This is key, because sometimes your top and bottom performers may have similar characteristics and this means it is not predicting anything. It is extremely important to benchmark your assessment on the differentiating factors/predictors so that you can try and replicate success when using the assessment in the hiring process.

If you want to learn more about our pre-assessment provider that we recommend who can do exactly what we mentioned above then please contact us on our website.

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