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Maintaining Corporate Vitality Is Job Number #1 For Organizations

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

While losing one’s job can be very disheartening and stressful, research does indicate that the people you keep, redeploy and/or add further responsibility to in the company tend to experience a higher amount of stress than those who have left the company.

To maintain high levels of engagement in times of transition, it is imperative that companies carry out a corporate diagnostics/survey frequently to understand how to help people manage and navigate stress appropriately. The Canadian Institute of Stress suggest that:

  • Providing current-state feedback to corporate decision-makers, focused by key stress indicators broken out to corporate levels, divisions, and key staff groups are critical.

  • Providing action recommendations to each employee from a confidential online assessment, and highlighting personalized steps to manage one's energy at work can contribute more fully to their team’s performance.

According to a most recent COVID-19 HR Pulse survey by Josh Bersin found several factors that were important, but two of them stood out as important to both HR professionals and employees such as:

  • Mental/personal health; and

  • Managing remote work.

Given the current circumstances globally with having to cope with a pandemic and changes in the way most of us work has also found that these two factors also line up to the research carried out by the Canadian Institute of Stress. The Institutes research indicated that there are three main pillars of mental health that are drastically improved by using a corporate vitality diagnostic (i.e., Corporate Vital Signs™) tool regularly to monitor the pulse of the organization. By doing so their research carried out on numerous companies found that keeping a pulse on the organization to mitigate corporate vitality issues led to improvements in the following 3 areas:

  • · 32% decrease in work stress

  • · 38% increase in work satisfaction

  • · 62% higher work engagement

Based on these current statistics, HR teams play a huge role in safeguarding lasting success to make sure employees manage change appropriately. These surveys need to be done often and compared with previous analyses to remedy any future concerns. While “stress” and “anxiety” are the two words used frequently today by executives, what they are referring to operationally is the interactive effects of these three main pillars on the capacity to influence positive corporate change. A corporate vitality diagnostic tool can help in strengthening the capacity for change in ways that leverage what organizations are already doing right.

To learn more about the corporate vitality diagnostic tool to assess your organization then please contact us directly at RAD Potential.

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