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Identifying and Hiring Top Salespeople: A Proven Approach by RAD Potential Advisory

At RAD Potential Advisory, we've helped over 270 top companies hire exceptional salespeople using a formula that has delivered millions of dollars in ROI for organizations. Our approach isn't a secret; it's a customized solution that is both easy to create and seamless to implement. In this blog, we’ll share some characteristics and tips on what top salespeople look like and how to build your own custom hiring system.

Hiring top salespeople is not like hiring an average person off the street. On the contrary, these individuals possess a unique sales DNA that sets them apart. If top salespeople were abundant, we'd all be rich. These individuals are often described as impatient, assertive, competitive, resilient, people-oriented, and driven by challenges. They thrive in dynamic environments and are known for their outside-the-box thinking.

Top Traits of Successful Salespeople

1. Enterprising Nature

Top salespeople enjoy fluid and adaptive environments where they can explore different ways to achieve their goals. They naturally think outside the box, taking company strategies and expanding on them to boost sales. Their innovative mindset allows them to excel in dynamic settings.

2. Competitive Spirit

Top performers are extremely competitive. This trait drives their success in business development, as they set and achieve their goals with determination. Their competitive nature extends to self-improvement, constantly pushing themselves to reach higher levels of performance.

3. Achievement Drive

These individuals have a strong need to achieve and often exhibit impatient personalities. This impatience is a valuable trait in sales closers, as it helps move the sales process forward. However, top salespeople balance this drive with a focus on service and relationship-building, ensuring they provide excellent customer service while confidently asking for business.

4. Objection Handling

Great salespeople thrive on handling objections. They enjoy debates and use them as opportunities to demonstrate their product’s value. Their natural ability to manage objections makes them highly effective in closing sales, as they can confidently address concerns and steer conversations towards successful outcomes.

Measuring These Traits in the Hiring Process

To identify these traits in potential hires, using a pre-employment assessment is crucial. These assessments provide an objective and scientific way to measure key traits and have been proven effective for decades. Here’s why we recommend incorporating assessments into your hiring process:

  • Validation of Intuition: Assessments often confirm your initial impressions from interviews.

  • Challenge of Intuition: Assessments can also challenge your impressions, providing deeper insights and prompting further investigation during interviews.

Creating a Benchmark for Success

The secret to hiring great salespeople lies in creating a benchmark for success specific to your company. At RAD Potential Advisory, we specialize in this process, leveraging our expertise to help you establish what success looks like within your organization. Here’s how we do it:

  • Assess Top and Bottom Performers: Use a sales pre-employment assessment to evaluate a group of 10 to 20 top and bottom performers on your team.

  • Analyze Performance Data: Provide us with these performers’ sales numbers from the past year.

  • Conduct a Study: We’ll match the assessment data with performance metrics to identify traits that differentiate top performers from the rest.

  • Create a Customized Hiring Model: Based on this analysis, we’ll create a hiring model tailored to your organization. This model will highlight the traits of your top performers, making the assessment process unique to your company and replicating success in future hires.

By following this approach, you can ensure that your hiring practices are data-driven and tailored to your company’s specific needs. At RAD Potential Advisory, we are committed to helping you build a team of top-performing salespeople who will drive your organization’s success.

For more insights and assistance in implementing this proven hiring formula, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s work together to elevate your sales team to new heights.

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